Electronics & Toys


Electronics are NOT allowed at Forcey 360. This includes iPads, iPods, Tablets, Computers, CD players, Hand Held Gaming Devices. Headphones are not to be worn during 360. If a child does bring an electronic device to 360 it must remain in their backpacks at all times. If an electronic device is seen being held or used it will be taken and placed in a bin in the office. The device will not be turned on, checked, or looked at in any way by the staff member; it will simply be taken to the bin and placed inside. Parents will receive an email stating that the electronic device was taken; and only a parent or legal guardian may pick it up from the office.

Students may not use their phones at any point during 360 hours. If a parent needs to get in touch with a student, they may call the office or the security desk. If a phone is seen out during 360 hours, it will be taken from the student and placed in a bin in the office.

In accordance with the school’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy, students can have electronic devices in their possession at the end of the school day. Students are expected, during the school day, to only use these devices at the teacher’s discretion as well as using their devices for an educational purpose. During Forcey 360 hours, Middle School students may use their tablets or laptops to check RenWeb for homework if they have not written it down in their planner. No students will be allowed to use cell phones, as per the BYOD policy under Expectations item number 3 (this policy states during the school day, Forcey 360 extends the students school day).

Forcey 360 is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of any electronic devices that are brought to Forcey 360.


Students are not permitted to bring toys from home to Forcey 360. This includes, but is not limited to, stuffed animals, cards, action figures, and dolls. Toys that are seen out during the program will be taken away and placed in the office until such a time that the parent can pick up the toy.

As per the Parent/Student Handbook, toys from home “may be brought to school only on ‘show and tell’ days”. Toys may not be brought to Forcey 360 on special opening days unless indicated by the director ahead of time.

Forcey 360 is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of any toys that are brought to Forcey 360.