Inclement Weather Policy*

Forcey 360 will strictly follow FCS on inclement weather and emergency closings:

  • If FCS is cancelled, Forcey 360 will also be cancelled.
  • If FCS has a two hour delay, Forcey 360 is CANCELLED.
  • If FCS has an emergency early closing, Forcey 360 will not open and students will be expected to be picked up at the school closing time.
  • If Montgomery County cancels after-school activities, Forcey 360 will close at 5:00 PM.
  • In the case of inclement weather on a professional day, Forcey 360 will follow Montgomery County Public Schools. In the event MCPS is closed, Forcey 360 will follow Howard County Public Schools.

*If there is a delay/closing/early dismissal/after-school activities canceled there will be a note on the home page of the Forcey 360 website*

Half Days / Closed Days

If Forcey Christian School (FCS) has a half-day, Forcey 360 is open until 6:00 as normal at no additional charge. (Note: Hot lunch service is not available. ALL students must bring a packed lunch.)

When FCS is closed for a federal holiday, Thanksgiving (Wed-Fri), Christmas, or Easter vacation, Forcey 360 is also closed.

Forcey 360 is open on most Professional Days when the school is closed for the students. These are called special openings.

Special Openings

Forcey 360 will have special openings (6:30 AM – 6:00 PM) on selected days, open to 360 enrolled families. For students who are using the special opening as one of their pre-paid days in a week, the cost is $20 for the whole day. Students who will have already used their pre-paid days in that week the cost is $30 for the whole day. Pre-registration is required. See the Events page for the complete list of special openings. (Note: Hot lunch service is not available. ALL students must bring a packed lunch.)