Who We Are

Core Values

Here are four things we value and include in our schedule at Forcey 360:

1. Jesus Christ

Jesus is the reason that we exist. We believe according to the Bible that Jesus is the Son of God, that He has provided the way for us to be saved from sin, and that He has a plan for our lives. We will emphasize the difference that Jesus makes in our lives by these ways:

  • Each person on our staff professes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Our caring staff will build God-honoring relationships with the children you entrust to us
  • Each child will be linked up with a regular rotation of qualified, enthusiastic staff who have energy for the age group with which they work
  • Upon arrival at Forcey 360, each child will see a familiar staff face who is particularly looking out for and will demonstrate the love of Christ to him or her


2. Safety

We value the safety of your children when they are under our care. We understand the trust that you give us each day at Forcey 360. We are compliant with all applicable state safety regulations (including CPR and First Aid trained staff) and are committed to strong staff supervision and interaction. Our staff-to-student ratio is carefully monitored and well lower (ratio) than state regulations require.


3. Academically Supportive

Each day features an organized 45 minute time of guided homework in the afternoon. The expectation during this time is that children will work diligently on homework, so that they can successfully complete much of their homework. Our staff is trained to assist children as they get organized in their studies (not to specifically tutor, but to guide students in the thorough completion of their work). Children will sit at large tables divided by age under the watch of a leader.


4. Fun

The opportunity for interpersonal fun is an important part of growing up! We will foster diverse, age-appropriate activities that will give children a chance to “burn off” energy directly after school. Programmed activities will feature staff-led time on the playground, gym, game room, and offer crafts and other organized, age-appropriate activities.

We will also offer periodic, planned field trips to give the children a fun time away from campus. Field trips are planned in advance. Most field trips will be included in the cost of the program.